2nd Grade - Mrs. Arzberger


Second Grade

Mrs. Arzberger


Second grade is an exciting year for our children. First and foremost,  we are preparing to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion!
Dates for these important events are:  TBA
The children will learn that God the Father sent his Son, Jesus , to be with us, and that Jesus is God's greatest gift!

Our special Schedule is as follows: TBA
            Monday-       Art,  Library
Tuesday -     Music 
                                   Wednesday -  Physical Education,                                         Guidance 
           Thursday -      Technology 

                  Friday -     Physical Education 

During the next few weeks in Social Studies our class will be climbing the highest mountains, crossing the widest seas,  and learning how to use a map to find our place in the world!   We will be reviewing our basic math facts that we learned last year to help us add and subtract two and three digit numbers. And in Science we will be describing weather conditions and other features of different habitats.  They will learn how habitats are used to meet the needs of plants and animals, and be able to describe animal  homes and the reasons why habitats change.
 As we say in our class:  "There are a 'Minion' reasons to love Second Grade!"