Current Projects by Grade
Kindergarten:  We are making a spider and spider web that was inspired by the book,
The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.

First Grade: We are in the process of creating Monsters!  We learned about 3 Elements of Art;  Line, shape and color.  We drew a series of different lines on paper and now we are in the process of painting them with water colors.  When we are finished painting we are going use  patterns to cut out our monster parts.

Second Grade:  We are in the process of creating a collage self-portrait, out of construction paper.

Third Grade:  We learned about the Pop Art.  We looked at pictures of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein's artwork.  We drew a landscape in the Pop Art style and we are currently coloring the landscapes with bright colored markers.

Fourth Grade:  We reviewed the Elements of Art;  line, shape, color, space, form, texture, and value.  We are incorporating various lines, shapes, textures, and colors into out Crazy Hair Day compositions.  We are in the process of coloring our projects with markers and colored pencils.

Fifth Grade:  We learned about Celtic tribes, and looked at the pottery, jewelry, metal work that they made.  We also learned about one of the high crosses that they created, the Muiredach cross.  We looked at the Celtic knot designs on the cross and also at the Celtic knot work that appeared in the Book of Kells, before we started to create our own Celtic knots out of construction paper.

Sixth Grade:  We learned about the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, of the Art Nouveau movement.  We looked at his famous painting, the Tree of Life, which was the inspiration for our Tree of Life paintings.  We are currently in the process of painting our trees with metallic paints.

Seventh Grade:  We are making Zentangle designs.  Zentangles are beautiful images that are created by drawing structured patterns.  Lines, shapes, textures and color all play a part in creating these intricate designs.  

Eighth Grade:  We learned about the Pop artist, Charles Fazzino who creates 3D collages primarily of cities and sporting events.  We are creating a self-portrait collage in his style.