Current Projects by Grade

NOVEMBER - Happy Thanksgiving to all our families! We are truly blessed at HFS! 
Our 4th grades drew their cornucopia and we're hoping to have them painted and returned home before Thanksgiving! 
2nd graders in Mrs. Keenan's class drew and designed some gratitude feathers today! They are hanging up in our school lobby.  They were super busy with Jr. Achievement lessons taught by the Holy Trinity students all day so we were lucky to have a short break for art! 
We've had a few Thursdays off so the 3rd grade will finally be completing their sugar skull drawings. 
The kindergarten classes will both be making a name tag/place card turkey for their kindergarten feast on Monday! 
First grade will be drawing and painting their own turkeys. 

Our Art Work is Something to CROW about! 
The kindergarten named their elephants and they're hanging up across from the Art room. Check them out if you're around, or they're online in our art gallery! 
Kindergarten- Most finished their crows!  They are practicing their tracing and cutting skills. They made a background using texture plates and crayons! They enjoyed the design magically showing through! Week of 10/25, Miss Checker's class had fun drawing a cute and scary monster at the same time! They should have brought it home, so make sure you check it out! It was challenging, but they pulled through!

We read The Beautiful Oops  to most classes! They learned that it's okay to make a mistake and you can look at a mistake as an opportunity to make something beautiful!

First Grade - 1st grade just finished their line & pattern turtles and will be drawing and painting their own pumpkin face! Can't wait to see their unique designs! Their first step is finished and now they'll be moving on to cutting faces out! I noticed that the 1st graders made pumpkin faces in their classroom, so we switched ours up! They painted their pumpkins, added highlights with chalk pastels, cut out and pasted to black background paper. They also added leaves and background nighttime decorations with the white chalk pastels. Now we have "Starlight Pumpkins"! Nice work first grade!

2nd grade - 2nd grades Hundertwasser lollipop trees came out fantastic! 2nd graders painted a background night sky, or scary night skies with watercolors and they're adding some spooky, silhouette designs this week! While some children were finishing their first silhouettes, we added a 2nd haunted house silhouette on coffee filters. They used sharpie markers and then painted the background with beautiful oranges, yellows & reds. They are adding their silhouettes to a black background next. 

3rd grade - In the next few days, check out the 3rd grades' St. Basil's Cathedral artwork. One class used watercolors and the other class kept their black & white design with a chalk background! Beautiful, but messy! They will start their sugar skulls drawing this week! We missed class this week due to 1/2 day, but we'll be back after Halloween to finish our sugar skulls! 

4th graders finished up their line & pattern roosters and they're waking us up with their bright colors! 

Don't SCREAM - 4th graders saw the famous painting by Edvard Munch, The Scream! They began drawing their own self portraits. They will add crazy, wild hair using straws and watercolors in the next couple of weeks! Check out the gallery and look for straw painting by some of the children! They had some fun adding their crazy hair!


We will be starting off the year working on a school wide STREAM project with all grades. We finished our project and had a beautiful ceremony outside planting our pinwheels and spreading peace! Some pinwheel photos in album and more to come on HFS site!

September- K-4, We will begin the year focusing on Lines. Each grade will be working on different projects focusing on lines and patterns. 

Kindergarten-We are drawing our own elephants. We are adding patterns and lines and will be painting with watercolors. The children will see color resist in action! Ask your children to sing the "line" song to you! tune:Wheels on the bus

First Grade - We will be making turtles using different lines, patterns and shapes. 
2nd Grade - We will be looking at the artist Friedrich Hundertwasser and his beautiful, organic lines in his paintings and his architecture. We are creating our own lollipop trees and backgrounds. 
3rd Grades - We saw pictures of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia and completed a line and pattern drawing of St. Basil's. One class will be making a background using chalk pastels and the other class will be painting St. Basil's with watercolors using the color resist technique. 

4th Grades - We looked at the book Market Day, authored and illustrated by Lois Ehlert. We are focusing on her Mexican folk art.  4th grade will be making folk art roosters! We looked at the art of the Huichol people for inspiration.