1st Grade - Mrs. Schreiber & Ms. Errico

First Grade 1-S

Mrs. Schreiber & Ms. Errico
Room 205

"Let your light shine."
- Matthew 5:16

Our Specials:

                                Monday - Library, Social Emotional
                                Tuesday - Physical Education
                                Wednesday - Technology
                                Thursday - Art
                                Friday - Physical Education, Music,
                                              Spanish(every other week)

                                       Please feel free to contact me
                                       if you have any questions or needs.
                                       Looking forward to a great year!



Grade 1 Curriculum:

We Believe published by Sadlier
Areas of study are enriched through service projects and deeper learning opportunities as they present themselves on the calendar. 
For example;
All Saints Day is an ample opportunity to explore various saints and understand how their lives were spent serving Jesus while students make connections in their own lives to serving God.

Language Arts
Superkids published by Zaner-Blozer 
This program is a text approach built on systematic phonics.  It balances all five essential elements of reading and integrates reading, writing, spelling, and grammar in a rigorous and fun format.  The Superkids characters bring familiarity that draws the student into learning more with them.

My Math published by McGraw-Hill  
This program challenges the students in a way that inspires them to embrace the power of mathematics through real-world applications and experience.  By weaving the three components of rigor— conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application—throughout the student edition and program, the program enables the students to progress toward a higher level of achievement and steadily grow their math confidence.

Science and Social Studies
Areas of study are generated through seasonal themes and topics presented in the language arts program.  
For example;
Social Studies - September 26th is Johnny Appleseed's birthday.  
The folk tale, real history components and maps are explored through this theme.  Religion, writing and crafting enrichment are integrated into this unit of study.
Science- October is our annual field trip to the pumpkin farm.  An in depth study of the life cycle of a pumpkin is explored.  Changing seasons is also touched upon through literature and enrichment activities.
Science- via the Elevate Science and Science Spin programs as well as incorporating Mystery Doug lessons.  

Useful Websites about the Solar System: