3rd Grade - Mrs. Schiraldi



~Bring in a healthy snack and a labeled water bottle every day.
~The daily planner and homework needs to be signed every night.
~Test folders go home on Wednesday and should be signed and returned the next day.  Please keep all tests in this folder.
~Take home/bring back folder needs to be emptied every day.  
~Please send in a note when your child is absent from school.
~When there is a change in dismissal please send in a note.
~All workbooks should be covered in contact paper.

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Our Class Schedule
Monday:  P.E.  & Social Emotional Learning
Tuesday:  Library & Spanish
Wednesday:  P.E.
Thursday:   Art & Music
Friday: Technology & STREAM
Lunch/Recess 12:17 - 1:02

Lessons are designed to build fluency, solve real world problems, strengthen the students' understanding of numbers, and develop their metacognition by helping them make connections.  Proper use of math vocabulary is encouraged and reinforced during lessons.
Vocabulary instruction is designed to promote language acquisition.  It plays an important role in learning to read and comprehending text.  Grammar instruction includes the understanding and application of the parts of speech.  It also encompasses sentence development along with the proper use of punctuation, capitalization, and correct word usage in writing.  
Students learn about world communities.  This includes governmental systems, history, geography, and culture.  The countries studied are the United States, China, and Australia.  In addition, students learn and apply various map skills.  Current events are taught through the Scholastic News magazine.
Three strands of science are covered:  Life, Earth, and Physical.  The scientific method and process skills are also explored.  Current events are taught through the Science Spin magazine.
The Zaner Bloser program is used to teach the students cursive writing.  It introduces the proper formation and joining of both lower and upper case letters.  In addition to correct formation of letters, proper seating position and letter slant are reinforced.

"Faith is not hoping God can.  It is knowing He will."