Pre-K - Mrs. Buckley

May in Pre-K

Mother's Day Tea: The children have been working hard getting ready! our Mother's Day tea is on Wednesday, May 8th  at 1:30 we look forward to seeing you there!

Recess: We will be taking the children out everyday as the weather permits. Please dress you child for the weather and put sunscreen on as necessary.

ABC Countdown: Please note dates on our calendar as we countdown to the end of the year through the alphabet! it should be a fun way to finish our year!

Graduation will be on Tuesday, June 11th ! our last day of Pre k will be on Monday, June 10th.
What We Are Learning:
 Y, Z and alphabet Review
Number: 9 & 10
Shape: Review
Color: Yellow
Themes: Planting and insects 

Our classroom will be a peanut and tree nut free classroom unless otherwise notified!

                                        Thank you God,
                                        For the world so sweet
Thank you God,
                                        For the food we eat.
                                            Thank you God
                                        For the birds that sing.
                                            Thank you God,
                                            For everything!