Current Projects by Grade

We will be starting off the year working on a school wide STREAM project with all grades. We finished our project and had a beautiful ceremony outside planting our pinwheels and spreading peace! Some pinwheel photos in album and more to come on HFS site!

September- K-4, We will begin the year focusing on Lines. Each grade will be working on different projects focusing on lines and patterns. 

Kindergarten-We are making large flowers using oil pastels and tempera paint. Children will be making patterns on top of their flower masterpieces. Ask your children to sing the "line" song to you! tune:Wheels on the bus

First Grade - We will be making turtles using different lines, patterns and shapes. 
2nd Grade - We will be looking at the artist Friedrich Hundertwasser and his beautiful, organic lines in his paintings and his architecture. We will recreating our own lollipop trees and backgrounds. 

3rd & 4th Grades - We will reading Market Day by Lois Ehlert focusing on her Mexican folk art. 3rd grade will make folk art cats and 4th grade will be making folk art roosters! We ill look at the art of the Huichol people for inspiration.